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zombies have rights too...


23 June 1980
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Taxidermist and Creative Artworker, Lover of films, go to cinema at least once a week, Love comics, mainly slave labor graphics, and DC Vertigo, collect random toys, really really like playing computer games mainly on PS2, Wii, DS, PSP, Xbox, PS3, want to get to know more people in southend area, as have just moved there.
13 ghosts, 40s fashion, 50's rock n roll, akira yamaoka, alice in wonderland, alternative, american mcgee's alice, amiga, batman, bear, bill plymton, bjork, black cadalac, blues, bobble bubble, brian setzer, bruce campbell, cartoons, cats, cheese cake, chinese food, chocolate, christmas, christopher walken, cinema store, classic music, collectors toys, comics, computer games, corsets, courtney crumrin, dark cloud, dave gorman, dave mckean, dc vertigo, dim sum, disney world, dresden dolls, dressing up, drinking in pub garden, eerie pub, emily strange, films, forbidden planet comic store, friends, friends with you, frightfest, gloomy bear, graphic design, grim fandango, halloween, hellblazer, horror survival, house on haunted hill, ice cream, idw publishing, illustration, imagination, invader zim, jan svankmajer, japanese culture, japanese food, japanese horror, japanese toys, jazz, junko mizuno, kingdom hearts, london, looshkin, making dolls, metal music, milkshakes, monkey island, monkeys, moulin rouge, my bed, nail varnish, neil gaimen, oldboy, oni press, otters, pete fowler, photography, pirates, plasticine, play lounge, playstation, point and click games, preacher, predator, project zero, ps3, red dwarf, red hair, resident evil, retro, retro gaming, return to oz, rex the runt, rice, roman dirge, sandman, shaun of the dead, shockheaded peter, silent hill, slave labor comics, soundtrack music, southend, spaced, squee, squirrals, star wars, stockings, sushi, tank girl, taxidermy, tenacious d, terry pratchett, the alex, the books of magic, theatre, thessaly, tim burton, tom waits, tweaker, universal studios, urban art, v for vendetta, vintage sex, winter, woman in black